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About Liesbeth


Liesbeth Johnson, born in Weert, Netherlands in 1963, dedicated her early life to becoming an artist. It was her utmost dream. After qualifying for a study position at the renowned Maastricht Art Academy; Liesbeth entered hoping to fulfill her dream.


However, her career as an artist was 'put on ice' after meeting the 'love of her life'. She married and had two wonderful boys. Instead of pursuing a career as an artist, Liesbeth, utilised her creative talents in the graphical/printing sector. However, during this period Liesbeth managed to continue painting and had several successful exhibitions in Germany and Holland.

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"I have always claimed and still claim that the ideas of surrealism will work only when they are painted to perfection and in a traditional manner."

- Dali

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Succes!! Thanks for your interest. Liesbeth will be in touch very soon!

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